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My criteria are:
  1. Color coding so I know what TYPE of appliance the plug goes to.
  2. Pictures or numbering on both ends so I know the plug on this end goes to the heater in tank xx at a glance. Therefore the heater end must be durable for underwater exposure, etc.
  3. Sleek and not cluttery; there is ALREADY a big mess from just the cords themselves. I prefer not to have strings, tape, or tags hanging off if possible. That's why those buttons appealed to me so much; they are very streamlined.
  4. Easily removable and yet hard to dislodge accidentally; re-useable and reposition-able (if a heater burns out I want to take them and put them on the new heater, etc.)
  5. Sorta cheap.

So far, DK has solved the color coding, using split pieces of colored tubing. It is quite secure on the cord:


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