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Originally Posted by thebuddha View Post
I have 2 GBRs. They are a pair. They got along great, and never bothered each other, until they had a batch of eggs go missing. After that the boy pecked at the female for a couple days, now they are best friends again. They dont even acknowledge my rummynose tetra or ottos. I like them a lot
Okay cool, that's what I was wanting to hear. That sounds so cute to have a pair of them, I was just hoping they wouldn't get territorial with other fish. Do they breed often and what do you do with the babies?

I think I'm pretty set on my fish stocking now and my cycling should finish in a week or so.

I think I'll go with:
2 GBRs
~12 or so forktail rainbowfish
and then a few amanos and otos

I checked Aqadvisor and the stocking is a little bit over 100% but I assume that will be alright if I keep on top of the water changes and such. Other than that I just need to make sure the water parameters are okay. This seem alright or should I rethink some of it?
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