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Originally Posted by ringram View Post
I agree that Pet Cetera in Davis is good. A nice older couple run it and keep real healthy fish in there. Admittedly limited selection, but still good for what it is. I saw cardinal tetras in there before for $1.99/ea and real healthy looking. The Ace Hardware in Davis used to have a good fish section and a real knowledgable guy working it. That was back when I was in college (late 90s) though.
Does anyone know where Exotic Aquarium moved to? I haven't been in there since they were on Florin(South Sac) across from Home Depot. I know they were moving b/c the tanks were starting to look pretty bare and one of the guys told me, but I forgot
Fish Planet would be good for me. It's even closer to me than Capital Aq, which is about 10-12 minutes.

Exotic Aquarium moved to Franklin and MLK. Its a huge building, but they didn't have much freshwater stock when I was there last. Tons of empty tanks, so hopefully they are better stocked by now. The neighborhood is a little sketchy (I'd plan a daylight trip). Here's the link to their website with the actual address: If anyone goes there soon, let us know how they're doing.

Ryan, I bought 9 of those 1.99 Cardinals from Pet Cetera more than 3 years ago, and I still have 8 of them swimming in my tank. Healthiest pet store fish I've ever seen.
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