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I like Fish Planet as well, but was a little irritated by their multiple pricing policy. They have young dwarf neon rainbows at 3.95 each or 3/$10. I wanted 5, so they told me that I would get 3 for $10, and then the other two would be at $3.95 each. It seems to me that once you hit the 3 fish minimum, the value pricing should kick in on all the fish you buy, and i should have been offered the other two fish at $3.34 each. Even though the difference was less than a buck and a half, I refused to buy them (I'm stubborn like that). It's bad business to have the per unit price go up when you buy additional fish.

Of course its their store, and the pricing is their perogative. I'm still going to shop there. I ended up buying some cherry shrimp.

I'm going to join the Society, but probably can't make the meet-up this time. Hopefully next time.
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