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FD2013 project 04

Here, we have the underside view of the pneumatics shown, after the air bags are mounted. The air bags are hooked to quarter inch pneumatic line with pneumatic fittings and then linked together at a tee fitting, so the air is mobile to distribute evenly to both bags at any time. The tee fitting points through a hole in the mounting plate and emerges on the other side, where it ends in a Schrader valve covered by the lovely rocket ship cap.

The rocket ship cap was selected for a few reasons. First, it is much easier to twist due to the fins, than a plain cap. Second, it is longer and fully covers the threads on the Schrader valve, keeping them clean. Third, it is bright, metallic, shiny orange, easier to see if it falls off, especially in grass. Fourth, it's coo-el.

The third picture is a close-up of the real estate. From it, you can appreciate the EXACT placement of the air bag. It was fortunate that the existing holes were perfect, because the placement had to be exactly there, there is no real estate to shift placement even a quarter inch front to back or side to side. The tolerances are VERY tight. The specifications for the air bags call for FULL support of the under plate, and 3/4 inch diameter minimum coverage on center of the upper plate, so you can see I have BARELY fulfilled the upper plate coverage. But since the bags are engineered to hold much more weight than here, it should be fine.

If you look closely at the under-the-hood wide shot, you will also notice that the tolerances for the pneumatics stems and tubing were also very tight under that plate - I had to make sure that nothing in the engine would take out my tubing or overheat it. I had JUST enough room underneath that plate.

This is the initial install, which merely needs inflation to a suitable PSI. If I decide to fine tune it with a pressure accumulator, I will later add one inline. For now, we'll beta test this configuration with Mr. Mower.

I am very seriously considering an accumulator, though, and have searches looking for a suitable one in progress. They're not hard to find, but DK is cheap.

The accumulator would smooth out the ride from a stiff water-balloon like suspension to a smoother suspension. More importantly, an accumulator expands the system air volume, so when there are temperature swings, there is less chance a cooler day would cause the system to contract enough for the air bags to bottom out - this is a matter of convenience as the fix to that is to add a bit more air to the system if the weather is cool enough to do this, but DK is all into system robustness and would prefer not to have to mess with fine tuning due to temps. The flip side to the equation is that to install a pressure accumulator, she needs to find suitable real estate - not a simple puzzle.


What does this project have to do with shrimp? I dunno... yet. Keep reading long enough, and this technology WILL be relevant, to something shrimp-y I do, I assure you. Just you wait.


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