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The Quest for Pearling

I am writing this in an attempt to help isolate the reasons plants pearl. If others can share their wisdom, then perhaps we can all benefit.

I have a 120 Gallon tank. I use 7 tubes, all 40 watt, about 8 inches from the surface at 10 hours per day. I Flourish. I C02 with a timer and solenoid.

I notice that the plants pearl unbelieveably when I do a major water change (about 20 to 25%). From this, and believe me, when I say the plants pearl after a water change, you could breathe the water. So I am out to find out why they pearl so much with the water change and not on a constant basis. I tried temperature: the water I inject is pure cold right from the outside tap.

I can add as much fertilizer I wish daily. The fish need to be fed, and I have conprehensive fertilizer, but even so, it is not like when there is a major water change.

I can add as much CO2 as I want. CO2 is not a factor. I tried that and some fish died.

Ph is about 7 with the water change.

I am down to the micronutrients. Is there a way to test for them in a simple fashion. I am aware of the periodic table, but I am sure most of the radioactive ones are not important. Why then, does my plants pearl like a crying river on a water change with pure cold water and not everyday?

I consider the pearling to be a tesitment to things done right. If I could do this every day, so much the better. But I cannot figure why the disparity is so striking. It cannot be so hard.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I am aware that running an engine at max horsepower is bad for long periods, but if I had the formula to the gas pedal, at least I was in charge.
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