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Originally Posted by Dempsey View Post
Do you harvest the eggs or just let them do their thing in the tank?

depends on which tank it is. i have them in two tanks right now, the father of the one photoed is in a 29 which i try to harvest eggs when i have space to grow them out, or I will pull out free swimmers. but in that tank I also have my stripped panchax and the 3 hybrid panchax gardneri, so i pull free swimmers before they get eaten. but i think i got three eggs last night that i put into my breeder box which already on juvie in it.

the one photoed is in his own tank, with a female (i haven't seen in ages) and i let them free swim in that tank. as of last night i have 3 in that tank.

I'm not really concerned with breeding them, but any fry i see i want to give a fair chance to survive.


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