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the growth in this tank is excellent - particularly since im using next to no CO2, and most of the plants are supposed to be slow growers anyway. there was at one point diatoms, and for a few days a single tuft of BBA, but now the tank is spotless. the best part is i next to never do water changes (since im not dosing anything), and only need to drop in a zucchini slice once a week to make sure the otos are happy.


Otos munching on zucchini:

this one prefers to work for his food and keep the tank clean:

m. pteporus 'threadleaf' and f. fontanus:

f. fontanus has grown in very nicely, and fast:

new buce:

e. parviflorus 'dwarf' - a new favorite of mine:

ramshorn racing to get to the zuc:

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