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FD2013 project 02

So, here we have the scene of the crime. The view is from the rear of the mower, looking toward the front, with the seat flipped up (the seat/rear hood assembly is on a hinge that raises the back of the hood/seat up for access to the engine, underneath.

The only available real estate is the plate on which the hood/seat frame rests, shown here. The weight of the assembly is borne on the two rubber bumpers on the rear side, and on the large hinge front side. The big "V" in the center of the picture is the brace that holds the seat/hood assembly up when access to the engine is needed, like the prop that holds a car hood up when you are checking the oil. Since the engine is in the rear of this mower, the hood is in the rear, not the front. In the center of the top of the "V" in the top photo, you can see the monga hinge that the assembly rotates upon, that is the front point of attachment of the hood/seat assembly.

These are the two pictures I shot to send to the machine shop, to show what I needed, so I'm just using them here for a bird's eye view of the landscape.

The plan is to mount the air bags where the bumpers are. To do this, I needed larger mounting holes than the bumpers used. I got lucky and had my holes drilled for a mere $5 at my local machine shop. Every DIYer should have a local machine shop, if there isn't one in their garage or outbuilding, DK thinks. Useful, they are, those machine shops.

Oh, yeah, in case you're wondering. The hammer is in the picture because I was trying to show the machine shop the size of the part I needed drilled, and I put a hammer into the frame for size reference.


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