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Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
My main goal and idea for this tank, is to do something akin to what daveguitarfish is doing with his 75, a sort of hybrid of dutch and iwagumi. Then, adding interesting and colorful fish ontop of that, but also fish that have a degree of size to them. I'm not one for having a larger tank filled with plants and tons of super small fish that you never see because they are lost among the leafs. I think a balance between plant color, plant size, fish color, and fish size can be achieved, meaning fish people can be wowed by the fish, plant people wowed by the plants, and fish AND plant people just being wowed in general.

As far as plants go, I have quiet the list of possible plant species I want in here, and even somewhat know where I want them as well. But, I might also mess around with my hardscape first since I have the opportunity to do something totally new as well. If I feel adventurous, since I already want to get some HC for my 10 gallon, I might toss some into this tank as well...just to see what would happen.

All I know is, I'm excited for this tank to turn into a real masterpiece, and I plan on having it at least well started before the summer is over. EXEPCT TO SEE ME ON THE SnS IN THE COMMING WEEKS....all your plants are belong to me :P
That's the same set of goals that I have for my 90g. Right now there are 17 different types of plants and ten different types of fish. Most of the fish will be between three and six inches full grown. Can't wait to see your progress on this!
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