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So, I'm getting all sorts of ideas for fish I want in this tank now. I did pick up a ropefish and a mokelembembe bichir (unless I get an ID saying it is a retro, either way its an upper jaw bichir that stays small). I'm also thinking about doing a pair of angels, I would do 6 but I think a male and a female pair would look nice and classey, plus, getting only two angels would mean more space for other fish AND more money for nicer angels that are perhaps a bit bigger. Not sure what variety I'd want to go with, that might possibly depend on the other fish I want to get in the tank as well.

I saw some nice nice nice nice nice congo tetras...and if I did a tetra, I feel that would be the best bet as it gets some size to it, and they look pretty regal. I'd maybe do 6-8 of them....then I'm also thinking rainbows, I saw some goyder river rainbows that where $15 a piece...not bad, but idk if I'd do 6 rainbows at that price lol I also do not know how to properly sex goyder river rainbows. However, I am thinking of maybe doing some bosmani, a bit of blue would go a long, long way in a tank like this. I'd do at least a 1:1 ratio, if not a 1:2 ratio, but I'm unsure if I would get 6 bosmani total or keep it more like four, I'm not entirely sure how much they benefit from being with their own kind.

I'm also still thinking about other cichlids in the back of my mind. Perhaps an EBJD would be worth getting into again, and I still do have a soft spot for parrot cichlids even though they get pretty girthy. I could always also do something like firemouths or keyholes, or just be happy with a rainbow pair and a pair of angels.

Also thinking about getting an oddball of some sort....I saw a brown ghost knife once and I'd LOVE that fish, stays smaller than the black ghost knife and I think they look a bit cooler than the african knifes, athough an african knife is always an option as well. So is that african leaf fish that I keep seeing around. However, I feel it looks a bit too much like a gourami for me to really want to keep it, but I am slowly changing my mind.

Now, algae eaters, I'm thinking about those. I could do SAE, but I also want to do fissedens in this tank, a LOT of fissedens. So I'm not sure as I know they are known to eat mosses. I'm also thinking about bushy nose pleco's, either the super reds or the blue eyes, but then I'm also thinking about those whiptail cats and farwolla's (or however you spell it) just to be a little more exotic with it and because perhaps they are more delicate with plants and the like.

My MTS are now, for once, doing well in this tank. I'm thinking about adding a small small small small small amount of mystery snails to this tank again as well, but that's easy to come by and not a big deal. Would be nice though to eat any dead leafs decaying around the tank.

However, I need the big bichir to leave first lol

My main goal and idea for this tank, is to do something akin to what daveguitarfish is doing with his 75, a sort of hybrid of dutch and iwagumi. Then, adding interesting and colorful fish ontop of that, but also fish that have a degree of size to them. I'm not one for having a larger tank filled with plants and tons of super small fish that you never see because they are lost among the leafs. I think a balance between plant color, plant size, fish color, and fish size can be achieved, meaning fish people can be wowed by the fish, plant people wowed by the plants, and fish AND plant people just being wowed in general.

As far as plants go, I have quiet the list of possible plant species I want in here, and even somewhat know where I want them as well. But, I might also mess around with my hardscape first since I have the opportunity to do something totally new as well. If I feel adventurous, since I already want to get some HC for my 10 gallon, I might toss some into this tank as well...just to see what would happen.

All I know is, I'm excited for this tank to turn into a real masterpiece, and I plan on having it at least well started before the summer is over. EXEPCT TO SEE ME ON THE SnS IN THE COMMING WEEKS....all your plants are belong to me :P

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