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Originally Posted by ckraft View Post
"I'm still gonna try to convince the window unit, as I'll be paying for everything and all, but if not, are portable AC units good? They are a lot more expensive than window units though.."

The ones I've tried were slightly better than nothing, but nowhere near as good as a good window AC.
Bah, I guess the higher price isn't justified? I'll try to press the window unit.

Thing I noticed is that I only have a single sliding window in my room, with window screen on the side that has the sliding glass.
Something like this, but total length is like 7-8 feet, and like 4-5 feet in height. Maybe it's just that I don't have much experience with these, but I'm having a bit of a hard time imagining how a window AC unit would fit.

Am I just SOL?
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