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Best way to lower temp

It's getting pretty damn hot over here in California, 100F today where I'm at. I have 2 fans running on my 20L but the water temp is still 76F. I'm trying to keep the max temp in my CRS tank 74F, but that's not working. I've had to run the fans 3 days straight just to keep the temperature 75-76F, even during the night. With my two 3G tanks getting ready for shrimp, I'm more worried about keeping those tanks temperatures down. Doesn't help that my room is facing the sun either

I've been thinking about a window AC unit, but my mom's against it because it's "tacky." Not sure what that means. lol Besides the fact that I'd like to keep the water temp down, I'm getting kinda tired of getting sweaty when I'm just sitting or lying down.

I'm still gonna try to convince the window unit, as I'll be paying for everything and all, but if not, are portable AC units good? They are a lot more expensive than window units though..
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