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Originally Posted by PeterN1986 View Post
I have a crapload of Taiwan moss from my Mini-M if you are interested. I just did a trim yesterday and can send some your way.

That would be really lovely. TYVM


I've been soaking soil and getting the big pieces out. Mixed in a bit of floramax that I had extra sitting around, so should be ready for plants in about 4 days. Going to top with black diamond blasting sand.

Thinking for plants I will start with -
jungle val
bacopa carolinia - i think it will transition well growing out of the top for a nice flower effect and leave the water line below the rim, which is curved in so nothing should be able to jump out.
Assorted mosses, depends I what we have on hand when I plant the tank next week
Dwarf sag
Dwarf hair grass - to be added later, have to hit Petco up first for a tiny bag of it to see if we can grow it in our tanks with no Co2, i hope so.
And if I can find some pretty parrot feather, i also think this will grow up and out of the water nicely. The fluffy look of parrot feather fits with the look I want for the cactus tree.
1 type of floater but undecided as to which one to use, leaning towards dwarf water lettuce but may go with frogbit, just depends on what grows, we have 2 pieces of frogbit and 1 water lettuce that showed up after putting a mix of duckweed, red root floaters and salvinia in our tanks. Lovely surprise, they are both beautiful, nice long roots growing out!

I made a nice looking cholla wood "tree" cut up a piece and super glued it for a semi-half-kind of stunted cactus look, will super glue moss to the tree and hopefully get a very nice happy place for the future shrimps. I super glued it to a very flat rock so that it won't be in danger of ever falling over (I hope). I may super glue it to the bottom of the jar, if it is a tipping over issue.

I found several very nice rocks but will probably use them in the 1.5 gallon cube that is currently housing mystery snails and a very small dragonscale halfmoon plakat named Damien that followed us home from the local petstore yesterday (Badfish! LOL). I'm actually considering smashing the larger rock with a hammer but am afraid it will lose the beautiful color if I do, it's so pretty, if i could get it into several smaller rocks I'd be overjoyed.

Such a small 2 gallon jar but so much happiness contained inside. I am so lucky to have my boyfriend. He brought home my first small tank as a surprise in November and now we have MTS for sure. It's been a slow and very work intensive project but has kept me going and involved every step of the way. The wonders it has done for depression is staggering, although it still creeps in, the tanks are peaceful and help tremendously when my RSD flairs up and I am in agony in the middle of the night, which happens very, very often. Just watching the tanks has helped me through quite a few bad spots and he somehow knew it would. He's the best thing to ever happen to me, everyone should be so lucky.

More updates soon. I'll try to get pictures of my stunted cholla cactus tree.
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