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My moss...there's some algae growing in this....bleh. I need to get some amano's and figure out how to clean this up.

I want some ammania sp. bonsai in this spot. right there, in this exact spot :P

Otto is doing well

Hard to see in the pic, but one of the at least 3 tt's I have that are berried. Fingers crossed that I have little ones in this tank soon.

All the leafs.

It is soooooo hard to get a good pic of the cajun crays.

More berried TT

And I just really like this picture :P

Hopefully I can get the moss fixed up and the hair algae that seems to love my e.najas down. As well as raise TT's and get that bonsai ammania. Oh, and the red root floater I have in here is doing pretty well too, its getting a bit red which is always nice, it'd be cool if it flowers for me eventually.

Still need to get some more fish though, at least a single male guppy and then maybe some chili rasbora or green neons or something of the like.

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