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Have to close down the tank

A hell of a year in grad-school. Kept a 4.0 but it's been way too hard to maintain a tank. I've kept it for years, through many moves, different states, etc. But my workload teaching and going to class has been too much, and I just don't have the time to keep everything going and to my dissatisfaction my fauna have suffered. Not to mention that our assistantship contracts don't pay us for summer, so I have to pay the rent somehow.

I'm giving the Chicago/Northern Illinois crew first dibs on this stuff, as shipping on some of it would be a PITA. Prices negotiable, transportation/meetup may be able to be arranged (I'm in Dekalb) Pictures will be posted later, I'm writing this up first.

I doubt anyone would want the main tank and stand - 15 gal/black stand with shelving. However, said tank does have some nice inert Ohko-type rock. No lighting, the ballast crapped out last week. $50 - Note: there are some shrimp (amano, mixed neocardinia), a couple random nerites, and I suspect there are a couple galaxy rasboras that have survived but are hiding in fear of their lives.

Plants: Large mass of Anubias Nana Petites. Some Java Fern-Windelov, One piece of driftwood, approx 10 inch long with a species of mini fissidens. Two stones have normal fissidens mats growing on them, I'm not sure how "attached" they really are though. Package deal, all plants, driftwood, and rocks with moss $50? Buy the tank/stand with the plants for $90 total.

Filter: Fluval 106 (6mo old) $75

SOLD: Regulator: Bettatail model, clippard solenoid, 2 needle valves.

CO2 tank, 5lb, empty, purchased November. $75

Fluval Spec V, has black ecocomplete, will include heater for free - $50

SOLD: Box-0-tests - Iron, phosphates, ph, etc.

Box-o-chems/meds - , Seachem ferts, misc - $25

I've been hesitating on this because the tank has been a part of my life for 6 years, but life changes.

Throw me PMs with offers. -Drew

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