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Shrimpzone project 16 - CONCLUSION

I'm a-gonna finish the posts on this project if it killzme. Too lazy to draw another graphic, so I'll just close this project's posts with the final details.

Up until now, we have air input, air exit of conditioned air in the Shrimporium space. DK's been working on tweaking the balance, by adjusting two things. First the square inches of acrylic sheet diverter plate space, to adjust the proportion of zone air that goes into the Shrimporium versus the proportion of zone air that goes into the basement general zone. She has this balanced, finally, and due to the amazing heat load and insulated properties of the Shrimporium she ended up diverting a good 90% of the zone air into the Shrimporium. But now it's balanced.

To balance this extra VOLUME of air input, she then adjusted the amount of exposed secret opening up in the ceiling, to allow the same amount of air to easily flow across her secret space and back into the basement general zone. BTW, up in that false ceiling, she had to build a box-in for the airflow, so when it crossed the wall it didn't just pump up into plenum space. The air leaving the Shrimporium is forced down the waffle grid into the basement general room, and cannot go into the ceiling plenum space.

And now, we close with the piece de resistance. Thermostatic control of the Shrimporium.

What did DK do?

She took the thermostat/sensor that was located in the basement general room, re-routed the wiring up into the false ceiling, across the false ceiling, across her secret air portal into the Shrimporium, and down into the back wall of the Shrimporium (the wall farthest from the air handler). She then mounted the thermostat/sensor on this wall.

Now, the zone is controlled by the temperature in the SHRIMPORIUM, not the temperature in the basement general room. My thermostat/sensor holds the Shrimporium at a constant temperature, thus keeping the tanks also at a constant temperature (DK concluded she needs the temperature 2 degrees lower air temperature than the target tank temperature, in order to balance the heat load.)

And, DK is happy. And not too much poorer.

Her shrimp tanks are REALLY much happier, as they are now down at the temps they want to be.

AND>>>>>>>>> I'm tired of this story, so this is the end of it. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my favorite local machinist, to get some holes drilled...



DK's father's day gift. (Uh, that would be her father's day gift to her Father In Law, actually. He just had retinal surgery, anna DK is doing a little sumpin toward that.) Yeah. It's late. But worth it. Nothing to do with shrimp, but someday what I learned doing it I will use in the hobby. It always happens.


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