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Now for the real update. Growth is pretty good. As said in last post, the GDA wasn't hard to get off. No signs of other algae.

Oddly enough, my HC would not carpet on my last try. My light was lower as well. Though I did have algae at times, even when it was doing OK it would not carpet. It isn't carpeting as well as it could and I suspect my light can come down in time but I plan to keep things as is. On the flip side, my glosso is growing straight up. I have trimmed it 2x to try to make it carpet, again, leading my to believe my light may be too high up.

That said, I really just chose glosso since I had a bad experience with HC last few tries. If my HC continues to carpet well, I may rip out the glosso and put it in my nano.

Lastly, I am about 99% sure my last failures were due to not rinsing my substrate. As said in my first post, I believe I had GBA that was dormant in the substrate. I also believe I had too much organic matter to compound this. Add to the equation too much light and it didn't work. This tank is likely not balanced, hard to say with the CO2 going out when I was gone for a week but I am off to a much better start with much better growth.

HC carpeting much better than glosso:

Regular pics (iphone)

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