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Thanks for the input, TPTers. I'm checking out one more option which is a friend with a wood shop locally. He might have a buddy with a machining shop.

I do have a drill press, but am not sure it won't slip on me as earlier this year I had to clean and re-seat a slipping chuck, on much less torque than I think metal drilling would take. I do have vices mounted to workbenches. I do not have a lot of hand strength. (I have already cracked one finger using a hole hawg that tied up on me, and while I do have a corded hammer drill with ample torque, I'm a bit afraid to try holding it freehand for metal work.) I do have a stubborn will to find solutions, though.

The local actual machine shops wanted upwards of $200 to take on a project, which is way beyond what I'm needing - I just need two lousy holes.

I'll let y'all know what I end up doing.


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