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Well the tank has been sitting at 82 degrees for a week here- why is NYC so freaking hot right now? But the fish all look fine and the pH is at a steady 6.4, so...that's Blue Ram Parameters! Matt13 sent over three Long Fin Diamond Blue Rams and all three arrived today in good spirits. Plop and drop and fed bloodworms to distract the tank, and they are off to the races! Did a water change two days ago so no drastic stuff until the end of the week - just fattening up is in order!

About 20 minutes later, and they've already gone into Cichlid Mode - two paired off, a male and female, and claimed the Amazon Sword corner. The opposite corner? The other (and in my opinion, better looking) male claimed the Marimo Ball area. Which is a smart move on his part, since that's also the feeding area, but maybe not so smart, since that's also the water dumping area, haha! Well he'll soon find that out...didn't take long for them to color up at all, but they're not snatching either the bloodworms above or the algae wafer below (I blame the latter on the pleco pretty much laying on it and sucking away). Maybe I'll garlic infuse some bloodworms for them tonight, and order some sinking pellets too.

By the way I believe they are a few months old, so they are of breeding age, but they aren't much bigger than the Emperor Tetra - I'd put them just short of 3 inches right now. In other words, not as gigantic looking as they seem on the internet, haha! Makes me feel better that I didn't overstock a 20 gallon with these guys. I feel sorry for the two remaining blue velvet shrimp, but hey, if they were able to dodge whichever tetra has been the shrimp killer in the past few weeks, I'm sure they'll be quick enough to dodge these guys too. If not, hey, it'll be a pricey way to get the rams to start eating!

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