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I finally found some time to get out to the wholesale/flower district over the weekend... I've also been thinking of using it as a resource for my planted tanks. Anyways, thought I'd share some info and pictures on my brief hunt for manzanita branches there.

On 28th street between 6th and 7th avenue are a bunch of places that seemed promising for various items. I ended up stopping at Dry & Silk (123 W 28th Street) since they had a nice selection of manzanita branches right out on the sidewalk in some large bins. They had varying sizes ranging from small branches to full on 5+ foot trees. The 2 branches I picked up were $15 each.

The large picture is of the 2 branches straight from the store, the smaller 3 are pictures of the branch on the right cut into 2 pieces using a hacksaw. To get an idea of the size of the branches, the boxes in the pictures are 8" cubes... I'm planning on using the branches in my 8" nano cubes if it isn't already obvious haha.

I'm still looking for local places (accessible by subway/bus) to find suitable raw/natural rocks and stone... having a hard time finding leads for stone suppliers. I'm thinking out here in Brooklyn or maybe Jersey will be my best bet. Anyone know any general contractors or landscape architects? I figure they might be a good place to start asking.

wish list: clown killifish (pseudepiplatys annulatus), shirmp, interesting plants!

tanks: 55g fb hex, 20g long

fauna: res, sae, amano shrimp, red cherry shrimp, pond snails, cardinal tetras

flora: xmas moss, mini moss, pearl grass, dwarf hairgrass, anubias nana petite, amazon sword, duckweed, giant duckweed, banana plant, algae

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