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Lol, Jason funny :lol:

Wasser, it's more or less a money thing- pretty much have blown the play money with what I have already purchased. I have been debating going cheap on the substrate, rather than going full blown eco-complete/Fertiplant, but while pond dirt/Profile might do the trick, I'm really not interested in risking the problems that could arise if I get the wrong stuff in there. I really don't have the knowledge at this point to feel confident doing that. And it looks really kind of ugly. The 65 will be my last tank and my "big" tank, so as hard as it is having to wait (had the tank for over two months now!), I'm just going to make sure to do it right.

This growout tank is gravel over Profile/mulm, and everything seems to grow OK in it, but I want an enriched substrate for the 65. Me loves crypts Plus, it gives me the option to deviate from the estimative index even more than I already have. Right now, I'm not dosing K+ in this tank other than what comes with the KNO3 dosing.

I have the lights, tank, stand, filter (although it needs a little work), background material and reactor for the 65. Will be doing the large pain in the neck DIY CO2 on this one, and will switch over to pressurized as soon as I can. I'm putting this together leisurely as time allows, since it will still be a little while before I can launch. But to give a straight answer, it will probably be another month at least before the 65 is done.

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