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Okay.. well updating 2 years later (wow!), I am now anti Fish World because of the extremely overpriced fish, and the way I am am treated (or rather, not even talked to) every time I have walked into the store.

I'm still a Fish Store loyalist (but shhhh... I work at the PetCo on "O" st). They've hired a couple new people recently, but I find that there is always somebody who is pretty knowledgable about fish.

10 Gallon [High Brackish]:
Figure Eight Puffer,"Freshwater" Moray (Gymnothorax Tile)

10 Gallon [Fresh]:
2 albino cories, feeder guppies that survived the eel, SAE
Marimo Balls, Java Moss, Java Fern, crypts (pontederlifolia, wendtii, ciliata), anubias (nana, coffeefolia)

5 Gallon:
Common goldfish
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