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Originally Posted by Stone454 View Post
I have used miracle grow organic in four of my tanks and it has worked just fine, and lots of people say to cap with pool filter or play sand, I have tried those and I did not like either, those types of sand are usually mined somewhere close to where you live and you never really have a clue what they will do to your water, in my case it made my ph rise to such a dark purple on the test kit it looked black basically, I would suggest using black diamond blasting sand if you are looking to save a bit of money you can get it for like 8 bucks for a 50 pound bag and looks as nice if not better than the black sand that is sold for aquarium use,I will pretty much use it from now for all of my tanks
Awesome. I want to cap the potting soil with black sand anyway and blasting sand won't be as easily disturbed as the fine stuff. Win!
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