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I just want to put my two cents in...
I have been extremely dissatisfied with the service and sales at That Pet Place in Lancaster. I signed up for a card and catalog, and started getting notices of sales. I got cards and notices proclaiming a "super clearance sale" in Jan with hundreds of refurbished or discontinued items on sale. I drove two hours to see two tables total... not of aquatic stuff,.. TOTAL.. which constituted the big sale.

Another time I purchased Corydoras arcatus. They asked me if I wanted any particular ones (there were hundreds), and I said "as long as they are healthy and acting fine, it's ok". Well,.. they bagged one that was swimming upside down in circles. To me that does not constitute healthy and I would never select a fish in that condition for a customer.

However, that said, I have gotten german blue rams there that were in fine condition and bred for me. Overall, however, it's worth the trip to go to Uncle (somethings) store in York(for fish), or to drive to alloddball aquatics in PA. If you are in the central region, Jungle Creek Aquarium in State College also has neat stuff from time to time (although not plants).

My two cents.
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