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Ziggi....not entirely. The product sells itself! Lol! As it should! I just take pictures to show everyone what's been going on with the tank, and that was one of the more noticeable things that had changed. It's actually kind of fun to show something new.....,this tank does not experience a fast rate of change both above or below the waterline. Moss growth and new buce shoots are neat, but take a long time to grow. It's nice to be able to focus on a neat highlight.

Geeze guys! Thank you!

Betta, I'm sure that you will be able to! Just takes a little time, patience, and a willingness to think outside the box. Practice. But "yes," this is a pressurized CO2 tank. With the amount of light above it, there would be no way the aquatic plants would do well without it.

I Love Fish--I'm very flattered and happy that you like it! I've been able to win-over my wife over the years by improving on skill and showing her that spending all of that money was worth it. Lol!! The pressure from her helped! I almost sold this set up before moving from St. Louis to Nashville. Glad I kept it!

Swimz-- thanks for the Alicia Key's serenade! I am surprised, too, that the plants have done as well on top as they have. The higher humidity due to the warm weather certainly has helped. Otherwise, just being consistent with the watering of the plants has been very beneficial as well. Nothing grows really fast, but it has been very consistent growth. Well, the Dischidia has grown pretty quickly.....and the Peperomia grew pretty well after some initial die off.

Thanks Caton! I would be happy to meet up some time!! I didn't know that you were so close! I will see what I can do over the coming weeks. That'd be fun!
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