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Stocking a 12 gallon bio cube

So I have a 12 gallon jbj biocube in the planning stages and have a few questions. First to give a few details it will be low-medium light with no CO2 and will be HEAVILY planted from the start (I'm taking my time on this setup and waiting until I can afford all the plants I want all at once)

I'm wondering if I can get away with 2 schools of microfish. I'm thinking 8-10 chili rasboras and 8-10 microdevario kubotai. The only other inhabitants, if any will be some cherry shrimp as well as some various snails (either MTS or ramshorn or nerites or a combination) Will I be able to get away with 16-20 fish in a tank this size? It seems to me like they are small enough to where bioload wont be a huge issue with regular water changes and very heavy planting.

Before someone says it already thought about/tried aqua advisor and I simply cant figure out how to plug in the filter of something like this since it is a built in sump. If not 8-10 of both how many of one could I get away with because I really don't want schools smaller than 9 or 10
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