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Originally Posted by JoeandCarrie View Post
Fantastic! Thanks for the advice. We are coming from WY, so a couple thousand is no problem, its the several thousand difference that would kill us.

Will head east and search the mountains then. Will I be mostly seeing cholla? What other native woods should I watch for? Manzanita maybe?

Thanks again,
There should be a handful of pieces of manzanita!

Also, another place in the mountains you might want to check out is an acequia that resides behind the San Antonio Church off of Highway 14 (on the left while on your way to the shell gas station I mentioned). It's specifically called the Acequia madre de San Antonio (google will help you find it). It's a beautiful area, and there should be a lot of pieces around there! It's closer to ABQ than the places I mentioned earlier as well.

Just keep in mind, the wood you find will be very dry most likely. So in other words it may take 2+ weeks before it will sink, and there are usually a lot of tannins. Regardless, you shouldn't have an issue finding some beautiful pieces.

If you need any restaurant, or activity suggestions, don't hesitate to PM me!

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