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And now we wait!

I'm not thrilled with my aquascaping but I should probably stop uprooting and moving things. It'll look better when it grows in. Right?

The moneywort is really taking off already.

I ordered a sinningia as well but it broke in half in the mail. I put the root in here and the leaves in the millipede tank, I hope at least one of them grows.

The water wisteria is still adjusting to being submerged I think.

In a couple weeks I'll start seeding the tank with springtails etc. There's already a fair amount of animal life in the water. I had fun with my microscope. Besides the humongous pond snail pictured, I found round worms, flat worms, segmented worms, copepods, and chironomid larvae.

Thank you very much, everyone who was helpful.
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