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Originally Posted by PeterN1986 View Post
Cut out 1 or 2 rectangles of window screen to put in front of the Ray2. I had to do this when I got it for my 20H. One layer will reduce the light intensity by like 50% or something. It's an easy cheap solution that just requires the window screen, scissors, and double-sided tape.

I eventually hung it like 10" above my tank and don't have any algae issues. You should get some amano shrimp or RCS's to munch on the algae.

Your swords look fine, you don't need to fret about them. I have a red melon sword also and they are a dark shade of maroon, but the leaves have no stem. I like how your leaves have some stem on them.
I was actually wondering how much the screening would reduce it. I think I'll do two screens and put the good that came with the tank back on. Won't have to too the water off as often that way.
I have 4 amano shrimp, but they are always more interested in the fish food. I feed every other day, and sometimes the shrimp fight over the food lol! But there's plenty of algae for them to munch on. Might just get a baby pleco and then just bring him back to my LFS when he gets too big.
Thanks for the reassurance. I'll be putting seachem root tabs under each plant this weekend. Seachem's last wayyy longer than API's!!!
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