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Originally Posted by Wasserpest
Welcome back... so where have you been?
Actually I got married!
After 3 years we finally tied the knot.
I always have called him my hubby, in case your wondering, but now I have papers on him.
He is stuck with me now
We then honeymooned in Myrtle Beach, SC for awhile. Which is a very relaxing place I might add.
Anyway after that, there was holidays, birthdays, etc etc. Not to mention a burnt out monitor and a PC with a mind of it's own.
The tank has taken a backseat to everything for awhile and right now there are no plans on changing that.
But I love seeing and learning from everyone here, so that's why I came back.
This weekend we are going to look at 3+ acres with a pond, that we might buy and move the house onto. If that happens, then there will be no more internet for me, for awhile. The land is in the sticks and there is no cable TV, thus no cable modem, no local AOL #'s, so that cancels DSL, and I think the closest dial up isp is in the next county.
So guess i am trying to get my fill of online before that may happen, lol.

Anway, sorry this post turned into a novel on the life of Kell.

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