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Originally Posted by mythin View Post
Looks like nurii or ideii, cool tank, Im about to set up my other 45-p for some taiwan bee's as well, clean simple look.

Are you going to run any co2 or ferts in this tank? *edit oops, just saw you answered that above. I think I might try co2 in my taiwan bee tank, but very low bps.
Thanks.. yeah just make sure you have a really reliable regulator. One co2 dump and you loose your whole colony :'(

Originally Posted by I3raven View Post
Interesting plants, the front seems empty. It would look nice if you started some kind of carpet in the front. Good start and the plants look very green.
Cheers.. yeah I'm not sure what to do with the front. I may end up carpeting it with moss, but I had originally planned to keep it bare as a viewing/feeding area for the shrimps.
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