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Cement the bottom of the housing onto the base by putting a puddle of acrylic cement where you want the housing to be attached and pushing the assembly into the puddle, moving it a bit to be sure you have a good contact. Hold the assembly in place for about 3 minutes to let the cement set. The electric leads may slightly interfere with this, so you need to hold it until their push won't separate the joint.

Cut the sensor off the lux meter - disassemble the sensor so you can cut with a long cable lead left ahead of the coiled part of the lux meter cable. Strip the wires on that cable, and the cable to the new sensor. Leave the ground wire on the new sensor extending about 3/4 inch beyond the wires so it can be used as a strain relief for the soldered connections.

Tin all 4 bare wires. Place shrink tube segments on the cables before soldering the two connections. I use shrink tube on both connections, with two layers over the whole cable connection, with the long ground wire wrapped around the lux meter cable so the shrink tubes will grab it to help relieve the strain on the connection.

Cut a 5/16" diameter disc of Rosco #114 diffuser filter and place it on top of the upper retainer in the sensor assembly. This filter is essentially invisible, so it takes great care to be sure it is in place before attaching the top "lens".

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