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Solder the cable wires to the diode leads.

Trim off the wires and diode leads that extend past the end of the acrylic housing. Install a 1/8" long 1/2" tube retainer (the retainers have a saw cut on one side. Use diagonal cutter to trim off more of the acrylic so it will clear the cable). Push the retainer down until it holds the photodiode against the tube stub in the fixture. This locates the photodiode in the right position. Put a drop of acrylic cement on the cable where it comes through the wall of the housing, and one other place on the retainer, to hold the retainer in place. Be sure to pull the assembly partly back off the tube stub in the fixture to make sure you don't cement it to the fixture.

Cut out two 5/16" diameter discs of Rosco #4815 pink filter, and carefully put them on top of the diode, with the assembly turned over and not on the fixture.

Install a 1/8" long retainer on top of the filters, to hold them and the diode in place. This will fit tightly inside the housing, but can be held in place with a drop of acrylic cement, if you wish.

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