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Originally Posted by jesseliu13 View Post
root tabs. definitely. and you may not have the right balance for your plants if your still having problem with root tabs. I havent read everything in this thread but looking at your equipment from your first one you seem to have the same problem I have... You dont exactly have enough light.. or the light may not be the right spectrum for your plants... I suggest a desk lamp with a cfl of 6500K. representing daylight 23 watts. I am doing this now. I can see my plants doing a bit better. though i have a nutrient difficiency i must solve. I just have to find out which one it is...
Thank you! I want to get some new lights but won't be able to for a while. Maybe I'll build my own instead of buying a strip. Def enough light, but it's 10,000K so you're probably right with that? I need to read some more about lighting
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