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According to my calculations it dissolves the 100-150 ml. gas, that I have put inside the tube, within 1 minute.
The "bottle/clear pipe" is a cheap bottom cleaning pipe that is made in Turkey. It looks as if it was made specially for my vortex reactor. You may use acrylic pipes or anything similar to this one.

it works exactly like you've described. All CO2 is dissoved, no CO2 escapes from this reactor.

Just pay attention to the size of the bottom exit hole. Its size and the rector's length is very important and should be proportionate. If you make the hole bigger than it should be, then no vortex occurs. If you make it smaller than it should be, then the vortex is slim and results in CO2 escape.
You have to work a little and try different sizes until you reach the optimum hole size. I was lucky to find it at first try, but I tried other sizes to make sure it's the optimum one.

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