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Here are a few pics of the tanks today. It'll be interesting to see how it fills in. I hope the crypts adjust well with out tons of melting, though I doubt I'll be that lucky. I've still gotta find a heater for the 55. I dug out an old air pump and set up an air stone in the 55.

There are still two more packages of crypts on the way. One is all C. nurii about half of which will go into my 20L the rest will grow here. The second package is the hudoroi & griffithii.

The plan is to also add the following plants in the next week or so but they've not been ordered yet.
C. pontenderiifolia
C. moehlmanii
C. albida
C. ciliata
C. undulata
C. usteriana x walkeri

Suggestions, thoughts or comments are welcome! I'm just getting started trying to grow crypts emersed. I know there are many people on here with tons of experience, I hope to learn from y'all!
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