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Few Questions,

Did you buy just the frames for the gorilla racks? If so where, if not what did you do just take the shelf part out and keep the frame from it?

I really like the floodlight, that's a great price! I'm not too sure I would buy the IceCaps though, It seems like you are paying a lot of money for what you're getting, but I haven't used them personally and know you have so thats a personal choice. I think the shoplights from HomeDepot or Lowes are fine generally... But that's a personal opinion.

What plants are you going to be farming? That would mean the difference in lighting to me. I'm figuring that your going to be growing some highlight weeds so you're probably going to want the IceCaps, but for that much money can't you get some T5s?

It looks really nice so far!

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