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Fluval Spec V - Mopani Dreams

Just set up my new Fluval Spec V. Very cool tank, love the dimensions, build quality is nice. Unique floorplan to work with.

2015 EDIT -

This has turned into an ultra lazy tank. No water changes, only top offs with RO for nearly 2 years now. No ferts, no filter cleaning, just occasional trimming of the moss and java.

Most recent image

Fluval Spec V
Hydor Theo 25w
Current Satellite LED+
Amazonia NEW Normal/Powder
Mopani driftwood

Java fern
Anubias nana petite

No stock yet. Planning on 10 Boraras briggitae and some sort of neo. Maybe blue diamonds? PFR's have been moved to the 60p.

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