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Originally Posted by turbosaurus View Post
Hey DC, what is going in the tanks? I just wonder becasue only the short side of the tanks will be viewable, with the long side facing the other tanks on the shelves, so I assume it won't be for sacpes, or will it? Will this be for breeding something? farming plants? Whats the plan?
This rack will be plant farms with 1 or 2 Galaxy Rasbora tanks, 1 or 2 RCS colonies, will transfer my 3 strains of Endler's and hoping to have a couple of Apisto harems. I know once I get it set up and going rmc will help me stock with fish and I will have several more tanks to farm plants.

Already have the filtration and CO2 identified, trying to figure out what lighting I want to use. So far I am looking at:
IceCap 60 inch VHO Retrofit Kit - 3 Lamps - Marine Depot - Marine and Reef Aquarium Super Store
I have these retros on 4 tanks and really like them. I bought a couple of these to try out EFI's Online Store for Lights of America | LOA Fluorex™ Flood Light and plan to use them on rack 2 over the 20H tanks. It is going to be tight getting everything in there to support the tanks. I am trying to figure out how to shoehorn it all in there now........DC
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