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Shrimpzone project 14

I keep forgetting to finish these posts. Too much going on here.

So, what DK did was to create some of the elements of a bona fide zone, in her Shrimporium.

To do this, she:

Cut an air input (input INTO the Shrimporium room, that is) access in the trunk feeding the basement zone, BEFORE it enters the basement general room (but while it is still in the Shrimporium room proper), but AFTER the motorized zone damper. This way, what happens to that zone also happens in the Shrimporium. This was the next iteration of The Syndicate thinking. (Purple number 2 in the picture)

Then, she did some fancy "There I Fixed It" stuff. Those of you with noses in the air better quit reading, now, as we are entering the equivalent of Honey Boo Boo land in fixes. DK needed an air EXIT from the Shrimporium. She had two choices. One was to install a branch with pressure-balanced damper in the Shrimporium, onto the RETURN main duct. This was complicated, expensive, and really tedious to do, as the access is right over a 65 gallon tank full of crystals, and DK doesn't relish messy construction OVER any tanks. Asking for a catastrophe. So, she needed a work-around. The second approach was to somehow get Shrimporium conditioned-air moved from the Shrimporium room into the basement general room. Yes, we can do this merely by leaving the door open, which we often do. But sometimes we want that door shut...

So DK looked around. The wall between the Shrimporium and the basement general room has a false ceiling. It is unfinished ceiling in the Shrimporium space and a hung-tile ceiling in the basement general room. Mostly, there is no air transfer, even up in that ceiling space, due to insulation placement. But DK was able to make a large route of airflow from the Shrimporium to the general room by selectively removing some insulation and then replacing a ceiling tile with a handy-dandy piece of fluorescent light waffle grid (which she had to rob and re-purpose from her mobile shrimp cart/drying rack featured earlier in this thread).

Now, conditioned air under pressure moves ACROSS the Shrimporium room, conditioning the space, and THEN can exit the room through this secret channel, going up above the wall, into the joist space, and then down through the waffle grid, into the general room, where it eventually makes its way into the return duct in the general room.

So now, we have AIR SUPPLY and AIR RETURN of conditioned air, into the Shrimporium. The AIR SUPPLY and AIR RETURN is now tied into a particular zone, and is tied into the thermostatic control of that zone, unlike our first iteration of The Syndicate thinking, which just gave the Shrimporium a cut of conditioned air, whenever, and wherever in the house there was conditioned air action. NOW, we can tie what happens in the Shrimporium TO A THERMOSTATIC CONTROL, specific to a zone.

This post is long enough, so chew on that, for today.


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