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Originally Posted by samee View Post
Thanks. Im liking the LED PAR38 as it is minimal and saving on money. I just need to know temp. and more reviews of people using them on their planted tank. 2 for my tank would be around $150 to $200.

The kessil a150w seem too expensive. $450 or so for two. Im sure there are other fixtures for that price range that might challenge it. Again, I will have to look.

With either, I dont know if they are overkill for my tank or how high I need them above the tank. I saw some guy hang the par38s from his ceiling. I mean, talk about overkill!! I dont want to hang something THAT high. He was gettin par of 100 without water, on substrate from that height. Cant I get that fixture for half the price, push out 100 par but from right above my waterline? I prefer if I can have the fixture underneath my hood. But seeing how every fixture has a fan for vent, I might need to go hoodless. I dont mind it, as long as I get the perfect fixture for the perfect price.
I have heard good things about finnex ray 2 that might fit your needs but these fixtures dont have the shimmer that other led fixtures will. Unfortunately I have heard some negative things about Kessils when posting on Nano reef today so I will no longer be pursuing one.

Most likely I will get 2 or 3 of the Rapid LED fixtures with 80 degree optics. I think at 80 degree optics I will mount them at about 1'/1.5' above the tank using goosenecks and have high light. When you see them on the ceiling thats usually very narrow optics.

Heres a link of them over a freshwater tank
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