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I've never had problems with Eheims, but I really hope that my XP3 doesn't leak like yours did. The only Eheim issue I've had is with my Eheim 2222, which is ~ 2 yrs old. One of the clamps that holds the hoses secure to the filter is broken. No big deal, since they stay on well enough without it. It was also leaking recently, but I discovered that it was because one of the rubber "feet" on the bottom came off. This is kind of poor design if the rubber feet keep it from leaking on the bottom. Still a rock solid filter though.
I'm not quite sure what the "jet" is on the XP3 spraybar. It doesn't look like it's pushing any water, so I'm wondering what the purpose is. I constructed my spraybar to include this, but it doesn't appear to do anything. The water simply comes out of the spraybar holes.

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