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Originally Posted by DefStatic View Post
I am going to attempt a 50% water change today. The vac still will not be here for a couple days.

I am going to try to clean the filter, but I wont touch the media.

Speaking of media, I know the bio rings you should never have to replace. I guess according to people on here (not the first I have heard this) the sponge lasts for a long time. How about the carbon bag?
Carbon in my opinion is really not needed when doing a planted tank for everyday use. From what I have seen the carbon can actually take the nutrients out of the water that the plants use. Any carbon that you do have if it was me I would save for if you ever need to add any medication to the tank. The carbon can be used to help remove medication in the water after a treatment has been done. I don't use carbon in my tanks so I am not completely sure how long it last but if I remember right I have seen from about a couple of weeks to a month.

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