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Looking for LED light fix. for 45 gal

Hey guys, tons of topic around the forum but none are helping me out.

I was looking at DIY but the prices are $300 to $500. So I thought, why not check out the premade fixtures people use, first?

I have a heavily planted tank. I have DHG, red plants, all the high maintenance requiring stuff. So I want a unit to my meet my plant's needs. Tank height is 16" by 12 x 48. Im not interested in the dimable shenanigans. The only reason Im looking into leds is because Im tired of changing bulbs.

Heres a quote Im really interested in:

I find that if you want red's to come out, you want to be sure to use neutral whites in your build. Cool whites are great for green plants, but typically just don't bring out the reds well. As soon as I ramped up the intensity from my neutral whites, the reds just burst out.

How many of you use LEDs for freshwater?

So I guess I need to make sure there are neutral white leds.

What kind of led fixtures are people using who have a high tech tank?

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