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Hello all:

I've just contracted the aquarium bug after my wife suggested a small tank for our 3-year-old to enjoy. I ended up giving him (well, me actually) a 10G with anubias on bogwood, crypts, java fern and vals on 10 lb of 5mm gravel and an 18W all-glass deluxe hood. It's in its fourth week and I love it - my own model lake bed!

Anyway, I'm thinking that a little desk-top planted tank for my office might be nice so I've been reading a bunch of threads and so far I'm thinking:

5-1/2 gallon glass tank
DIY hood with 1x13W AHSupply 6700K compact and reflector
25 watt heater (suggestions?)
10 lb Eco-complete
Aquaclear mini (opinions/suggestions welcomed) with output throttled
Low-light plants like I already have, or others
Oh yeah, a few fish (corys, tetras)

I really don't want to go much bigger than 5 gallon and I want to keep the light levels lower to negate CO2.

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