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Critique My Scape!

I received a shipment of Buckingham County Black Slate from Virginia, and the USPS was kind enough to break some of it into smaller pieces for me!

As I like making lemonade when life gives me lemons, I thought I would test out the slate with some of the Flourite Black Sand I have sitting around, waiting to be put in my new 75 project.

I had a spare 10 gallon sitting around, so I thought I might try an Iwagumi. Iwagumis are really new to me, and I'm not sure if I have all of the knowledge I need to have success with one, but it's worth a try.

So I spent a couple hours picking the best chips of slate, and arranging and re-arranging them tons of times, and finally came up with something I liked.

Give me your thoughts and suggestions, please.

I have some Fissidens available, and I think it would look great on the rocks. Though if I were to try to get some HC, I might leave the rocks more bare?
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