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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Originally Posted by I<3<*))))>< View Post
... Also enjoyed the kitty pics, she is gorgeous!
This cat is so photogenic it's ridiculous. She has these huge mint green eyes that get her just about whatever she wants!

Originally Posted by Sake View Post
Beautiful set up. So my cat isn't the only one out there chasing the bubbles through my python hose? lol What fauna will you be housing in this tank?
haha, I guess not!

This is my current plan for stocking, subject to change and learning of course:

10-15 rummynose tetra
10-15 harlequin rasbora
8-10 corydoras habrosus
a few other cories (maybe sterbai or adolfoi)
3-5 otos
some centerpiece, non-schooling fish... pair of rams if I can pull it off

I'm also open to suggestions. I definitely want a swarm of cories.

Originally Posted by OVT View Post
I just don't know what to look at first: the tank, the plants, the furry girl, or the driftwood. Hate to admit, but the kitty cat steals my heart .

The driftwood is epic, it would have pushed ME to the edge if insanity with all the endless permutations.

Plants? Um, they did take a beating but do seem to be on their way to recovery.

Are some of the stones on the right Marble? I can't remember of the top of my head if that's good or bad.

Overall, I am a bit lost for words (not that common). I get that feeling if serenity..
That strange sense if peace and of inner calm. Weird, especially from a tank that young. Somehow, with so few plants, the visual balance is just there. I just can see this tank a month from now.

Well done!

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Lol, that's ok, the kitty steals my heart every day.

I am so ashamed of the beating the poor plants took, but I'm much more confident they'll recover now (as long as they like my lighting and params). The ludwigia and hygro are in great shape. The dwarf sag managed pretty well overall by the time I got it planted, but it has some spots of melting now. I'm hoping it's just from adjusting because I love this plant.

The stones are a mixture of conglomerates with a lot of quartz. I don't think there's any marble in there (which, you're right, often has calcite in it) but now that you've mentioned it, I'll ask my dad if he thinks any of them are. We did a very basic white vinegar test on them, but I think it was pretty weak because I tested it on limestone and the fizz bubbles were very slight. I avoided any rocks that were chalky or had rust stains.

Thank you! I was really surprised and pleased that it didn't feel too empty to me. I was expecting it to look pretty sparse starting out, but I owe so much to your lovely plants.

I pursued visual balance by tackling the layout as I might with a 2-D art composition.
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