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Hi all,.....

when i set up my first planted tank i used a white gravel substrate ... i am not sure of the exact type, but it is one of the most common brands of aquarium substrate sold in most lfs here in sydney australia .....

i chose the white colour, rather than the more common brown sandy colour because i had seen some pics of planted tanks on the net and i thiought that the white clour provided a great contrast and look against the black driftwood and the rich green of the plants ...

i also thought that it may help to "distribute" the light a little better ( my tank is quite deep, ... really too deep for a planted tank at 24 inches ).. slightly off topic here ... but any thoughts on this aspect ?

now for a question ...

i have recently read that white / lighter coloured substrates can cause freshwater tropical fish ( .... not the marine style fish ..... ) to gradually lose their colours by somehow causing the brighter colours to dull or fade over time ... and therefore it is better to use darker coloured substrates in aquariums of freshwater tropicals .... is this correct? ... and if so, does anyone know the mechanism for this ?

i think i also read that lighter substrates cause the fish to be more "nervy" or "timid" ... again, any personal observations on this ?

hope that someone can offer guidance on this ....

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