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Added more e. najas I've been holding onto in the back. I also have like 30+ stems of it that I want to sell or just move out lol

Also got these guys, 5 of them, from acitydweller. Cajun Dwarf Crays, Cambarellus shufeldtii. They do a fantastic job of hiding around the hardscape and leafs of this tank, but if they gain confidence or start reproducing, hopefully I should see them out and about eventually :P

No pictures, but also added two gold honey gourami's. Impulse buy, but I figured what the heck, they are pretty, I know they work, and why not I like them :P

I still want to grab some ammania sp. bonsai for the front right corner, and I'll probably just get a small school/shoal of some sort of fish, ember tetra's or CPD or something of that nature, then call it a day. Only other thing I'd consider adding would be pygmy cories....but idk if that'd be too many fish. I'm sure the tank can handle whatever bioload it gets though, plants are doing super, super well :P.

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